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 Post subject: Loading a Benelli.

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"Dear Brothers,

Benelli's are considered nearly the first on magazine shotguns at reliability, usability and value.

However, this not means that they are completely free of all kinds of troubles.

Benelli owners are very much aware of troubles on their loading procedure.

Benelli magazines can not be loaded as easy as an standart pump gun. Obeying to an old Italian firearm
regulation, they are still made in a form that, feeding from magazine to the barrel is needed with an added
mechanism except from the slide or breechbolt movement. This way of loading, since provides some safety,
is not a simple process that every kind of user can carry on. Say, a housewife being unaware of that kind
of practice, will never able to feed a cartridge to the chamber on a Benelli with fully loaded magazine.

In fact, Benelli loading fashion is borrowed from Beretta with some constructial differences, and the prior
mechanism is superior on various considerations.

Benelli loading mechanism is depended upon the movement of hammer, of course, with aid of breechbolt. That is,
the breechbolt can only feed a shell to the chamber if that thing is put over the elevator as let with uncocked

Benelli hammer in uncocked mode, actuates a lever with an outside tip, and that lever actuates the propped
up magazine latch as opening the magazine out and causes a shell thrown backward on the elevator, and that
shell presses against the rear of magazine latch as closing the magazine way out permitting only one round to put
on feeding path. This lever is named as "Cartridge Drop Lever". Foremost tip of that lever inside, goes down and
frees the rearmost tip of magazine latch to locate over the way up of elevator as locking it at down mode, immobile
for feeding purposes. User can push the outside tip of cartridge drop lever up to press inward the rear of magazine
latch and feed a shell from magazine over the elevator. Actuating the breechbolt loads that round into the chamber.
During firing, falling hammer and recoiling breechbolt will carry on these functions.

When the breechbolt driven to rear either by hand or by recoil, the force of hammer goes off from the drop lever,
and by exertion of its own spring it goes up protruding its outside tip for manual actuating the magazine latch. On
that mode, the fore tip of cartridge drop lever is propped against to the rearmost tip of magazine latch to force it
to close the magazine enterance. But since the elevator is free to swing upward, one can load the magazine by
pushing it up and inserting the shells into the tube against to the considerable force to the spring effect of cartridge
drop lever tip since the one piece magazine latch lever having no other spring and parts for this purpose except
the solid cartridge drop lever front.

Difficulties of loading a Benelli begin with that construction. Pushing the shells to magazine tube needs some force
and gives pain to the user.

Big brother Beretta from which that Benelli loading procedure borrowed, had solved the problem using a two piece
magazine latch with a separate and spring fed another latch at front section to move freely for shell pass to
magazine tube without forcing the rearmost tip of magazine latch to inside. Benelli Staffs, with an unknown cause,
did not prefer that mechanism.

On the other hand, since Benelli chamber feed needs a shell located already over the elevator, users should be able to
understand that situation as, either seeing through the loading gate, or feeling by touch in low light envoirements.
For that purpose, the loading gate close section of elevator is equipped with a long slot for glance and a half moon
notch in front for touch checks.

Nearly no one on the earth knows the function of that halfmoon notch, but it revenges its intention unawareness by
pinching the tip of loading fingers of users when the elevator closes after each shell push. This is the contuniation
of Benelli loading troubles. Some shooters in the USA, make them welded and closed for the sake of their fingers
health and In fact, the function of "touch and feel for the shell presence" is somewhat limited for only 3" or longer

Stoeger versions made in my county, Türkiye, is made with Beretta kind of magazine latches saving the users from
first forcible loading trouble but surviving the second pinching type unfortunately. In fact, clearing off the first one
is an extention of former brand "Vursan" construction which is a clue of foreseeing of old owners.

There are very little complaints from Benelli lovers about those troubles and they survive their guns level at their
mind on "Untouchable" situation.

Best regards

Mouth opens wide hides head behind.

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 Post subject: Re: Loading a Benelli.

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@ Strongarm,

Brother, thank you for sharing this with us and giving us insight on Benelli. Very useful.

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 Post subject: Re: Loading a Benelli.


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WOW! This article need a few more reads to sink in all the info!

Thanks brother!

It is better to "wear it out", than to "rust it out"!

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 Post subject: Re: Loading a Benelli.

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Thanks for sharing the information. Great :text-bravo:

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 Post subject: Re: Loading a Benelli.

Standard Shot


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SA, Manglo Ramzani, KBW Brothers,

Thanks for your interest in my post.

In fact, There is another mission of the half moon cut in front of the elevator and
its awareness is on a par with its other function.

Benelli elevator, or shell lifter, permits magazine latch to release a shell at a certain
angle. This limit is important when breechbolt is going to "Battery On" situation or in
other case, released shell may strike to the chambering one which may rise troubles
on feeding. The elevator has an upward lug at its right and menioned half moon cut
on its front to ensure that needing. These configurations, togetherly provide magazine
feeding onto an angle not exeeding that critical value.

Changing the form of elevator as some authorities did, terminate the gun's security,
but it seems that its practical value is not important as expected.

Best regards.

Mouth opens wide hides head behind.

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