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THE GUN FORUM - Registration

TGF is an online platform exclusively for serious, mature and responsible gun enthusiasts and to ensure that the community enjoys the right environment, we have the following rules which every member is expected to read, understand and follow:


The following are strictly NOT ALLOWED at TGF:

1. Profanity, swearing, illegal or immature discussions
2. Off-topic, useless or offensive comments
3. Post which is offensive to any country, religion, race, caste, etc. will not be tolerated
4. Religious, political or hate-oriented discussions
5. Torrents, Rapidshare links, pirated software etc
6. Discussion on P.B (Prohibited Bore), automatic or illegal weapons and Military-specific ammunition
  I understand that by having tick-marked each one of the above boxes, I have agreed to follow these rules failing which TGF Management has the right to ban me without notice


1. Do not ask any member for personal favors like license making, ammunition purchase, money or even transportation of weapons.
2. New members are advised to take some time to look around, go through our different sections, use the search option as much as they want, get a feel of the environment and then take a dip at the deep-end (i.e., start posting or opening new topics). Be careful while opening new threads and posting queries and ensure that similar thing / query has not been discussed before. The search option comes in handy here
3. Avoid multiple posts in the same thread at the same time. If you forgot to add something to your previous post, use the "EDIT" function. Its sometimes disconcerting to see a chain of posts, one after the other, by just one member and gives the impression that the member in question is simply looking to increase his post count. Members who make unnecessary posts will face post count slashing, post deletion and can even be banned.
4. This forum is English-based and as such we expect our members to communicate in clearly understandable English. Use punctuations and capital letters where necessary. Avoid using chat-style posts as these are really annoying and frustrating to read.
5. We expect all members to know how to agree to disagree. Therefore, avoid getting personal or make personal attacks on any member during a discussion. Give respect to get respect.
6. Neither your post count makes you a senior nor does the size of your gun collection makes you one. It is the level of contribution that you give to this forum that enhances your level in the eyes of our community.
7. Do not copy/paste material from the internet unnecessarily. We all have access to the internet and know how to use google. If you do wish to share something useful, simply post the link and avoid copy/pasting material as it may violate copyright laws.
8. If you see any offending material posted on the forum, please use the report icon appearing at the bottom of each post to bring the matter to our knowledge. The first thing to come to our notice each time we (Admin/Mods) log in are these reports.
9. Do not dig up old threads/topics unless you have any thing meaningful to add to that topic.
10. When quoting someone's post which contains pictures, please remove the pictures from the quoted statement, unless there is something specific you wish to point out in one of the pics. Most of us would have seen the pics while browsing through the thread; the unnecessary quoted "pictures" only add to irritation and causes the web page to load slowly. It is especially irritating when a member quotes a post full of pics and at the very bottom, only adds "nice photos".


I have Read and Understood the guidelines mentioned above and agree to follow them

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